Not Just for Kids

When I look for a book I take a ridiculously long time to make a decision . I marvel at the patrons who come into the library, go right to the shelf, grab a book and are checked out and gone in under five minutes.

Me? I stare at the shelves for fifteen minutes waiting for something to speak to me, oftentimes  (although I hate to admit it) judging a book based solely on its cover.

It takes forever.

Then, when I get the book home, I’m dissatisfied, wishing for it to be like when I was a kid and it was so easy to go into the library, knowing that whatever I decided to take home, I would love.

Now, if all else fails, I turn to the section I found the most magic in as a kid– the Juvenile section.

These books are fun, easy to read, and are a quick read when you want to read something but don’t want to be strapped to a 400+ page novel. Think of them as the baby bother or sister to YA and Adult Fiction.

Here are some of my suggestions for dipping your toe into Juvenile literature:


“Molly  Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism” by Georgia Byng  is the story of plucky, and hilarious, orphan Molly Moon as she and her trusty pug, Petula, find a book of hypnotism giving Molly the ability to control whoever she wants. But soon Molly comes face to face with something she didn’t except– a stranger who wants nothing more than to steal Molly’s secret. This book is part adventure, part mystery, and all funny, you can’t help fall in love with Molly.


There are 13 books in this series, which allows for some fun reading if you get hooked, which you will. The first book “The Bad Beginning” is relatively short, clocking in at a mere 162 pages, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon read. It follows the the newly orphaned Baudelaire children, Sunny, Violet, and Klaus, as they duck and dive their way through life, and away from the evil Count Olaf. Read it for its nail biting moments and supreme creativity of the writer, Lemony Snicket, as he flings the children into increasingly dangerous situations as the series goes on.


One of my favorites, the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney opens the door in to the mind of middle school underdog, Greg Heffley as he tells the story of his life and of many other loveable and funny characters. The fact there are pictures in this book doesn’t hurt a bit, taking you back to the time when you might have kept a diary as a kid. It’s incredibly funny, heartwarming and let’s you go back to middle school, without all the torture of really going back. Read it for it’s loveable humor (oh, and the pictures.)


Chances are you’ve seen the movie, if you haven’t, wait, and read the book first. Told from the point of view of Joey, a farm horse sold to the army and forced on the front of World War I and away from his beloved owner, Albert, to pull heavy artillery and carry wounded soldiers. It’s an interesting look at the war full of love, friendship, and hope. Will he ever make it out of the war and will he ever find Albert? It’s a tear-jerker, so read it with a box of kleenex.


Another one that you might have seen on the big screen, “Percy Jackson and the Olypians: The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan is the story of young Percy Jackson, son of the Greek god of the sea, and his quest to find Zeus’s stolen lightening bolt. It’s the first book in a series that brings Greek mythology to life in a fun way. Read it for a humorous adventure and for an easy lesson on mythology.

All of these books and most of their sequels are available at the library! If you would like more information on these titles or would like more great Juvenile titles feel free to drop me a message or give me a call!

Until next time, happy reading!

-Elizabeth, ACL Staff.

A Year in Review

2014 was a special year here at the Arma City Library! Let’s take a look back at the highlights from this year:

In February Brenda had sewing lessons for patrons where she taught patrons tips for sewing quilts and constructing garments such as skirts. The library also hosted a Valentine’s day party and we had a very special guest, Jacob Weber, host of “Gardening with Jake” on KOAM Radio.

Mr. Weber gave tips on gardening in Kansas as well as answering any questions from those who attended.


In March we started our community garden with help from the Arma Preschool planting various kinds of peppers, herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and other yummy veggies.

April saw the addition of the beautiful Toddler World constructed and donated by Dr. Ronald McKee.



In May the library hosted two programs celebrating Preservation Week. Kylie Ludwig came to teach us how to protect valuable documents as well as what to do with valuables in preparation for a natural disaster. Elizabeth gave a presentation on preservation techniques for preserving family documents and photos.

June saw the start of the Summer Lunch Program– we served 2,300 meals in June alone!

155738_10154266622780226_9110122207856702884_n 1798844_10154266477415226_437452556661607669_n

We also did the Summer Reading program “Fizz, Boom, Bang” where we lots of fun learning about science!

We made our own soda, made lava lamps, robots, and watched what happens when you put Ivory soap in the microwave! We ended the program with a visit from the Sedgwick County Zoo and Jean Winters, Mad Scientist.


In July we beat the heat with the YA Summer reading program creating crayon art, mad scientist creations, and wrote our life stories on our finger prints.10429382_10154418387370226_505463163388843966_n 10477378_10154418387220226_9005864720272874961_n 10500509_10154418387090226_3884303743617655382_n 10527370_10154418387530226_6641387761057039160_n

We finished the summer program with a pizza and ice cream party and watch E.T.


The Library hosted an Essential Oils class and the Summer Lunch Program came to a close. In total the library, in partnership with the USD 246 school district, served 5,100 meals in June and July!

July was a big month for us! The library received a HUGE donation of books from the Enloe Family!

10406427_10154398527060226_7619629452423910557_n 10502470_10154398526795226_60217784743683807_n 10523731_10154398527165226_3430384706140029874_n - Copy 10525859_10154398526495226_2480158180085825676_n - Copy 10525878_10154398527640226_8699246989458677537_n - Copy - Copy

In October the library participated in Trunk-or-Treat and passed out hot dogs, hot chocolate, candy and books!

In November our very special Director, Brenda, received her APPLE certification from SEKLS!


December brought us a very special visitor, Jereb straight from the North Pole (Be sure to check out the post made especially for our magic friend.)

Looking forward to the new year:

we are pleased to announced that because of a big donation of beautiful materials by a patron we will be offering a brand new Egyptology collection to the library! Be sure to check back in to check on the collection’s progress!



2014 was a great year here at the Arma City Library!

Let’s make 2015 even better!



After-school Movies for 2015

We will be be starting our After-school Cinema again beginning Wednesday, January 14 at 3:30 pm.

There will be drinks and snacks!

The January movie will be How to Train your Dragon 2!jnx4vmxr8sghu8jw2kys


February 11-

Mr. Peabody and Sherman



March 11-

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, VERY BAD DAY



Be sure to keep checking back as the year goes on for more titles!

A Visit from the North Pole

Our Elf on loan to us from the North Poll, Jereb!
Our Elf on loan to us from the North Poll, Jereb!

Santa sent us a very special helper this year, Jereb.

He got into all sorts of trouble from tearing up a book and doing community service for the crime to acting out his favorite song from Frozen and letting us in on his top secret night job as an undercover Spidey Elf.

Then our little elf friend was held hostage by the animals of the children’s section, the evil mob boss, Teddy Stuffins, leading the gang.

Ransom was, thankfully, paid by Santa and Jereb was freed.

IMAG1495 (2)

IMAG1491 (2) IMAG1492 (2)Later he went on one last adventure and zip-lined through the library.

IMAG1496 (2)

He left us with this sweet note on Christmas Eve, promising to come back next year.

We miss our little elf friend, however, next year if he decides to come, we’re locking up the glitter!