What does the Southeast Kansas Library System do for you?

There are many benefits to being a part of something bigger! Read on to learn how SEKLS benefits the library, and in turn, you!


A catalog/circulation system with similar capabilities would cost around $2,500 annually as a standalone system. Our cost is only $200 (what a deal) and gives you easy access to over 700,000 items, way more than what we could hold in our little library!

Tech Support

SEKLS tech staff visit our library regularly to keep things running and advise us on technical matters. During 2016 we received approximately 30 hours of tech support, valued at $75 per hour, a $169 value which means newer books and movies for you!


SEKLS library professionals provide consulting on a wide range of issues, from youth services to library policies to finances. During 2016 we used approximately 2.25 hours of consulting services valued at $75 per hour,  a $169 value!

Continuing Education

SEKLS provides a couple dozen continuing education opportunities for library staff and board members annually. During 2016, Arma staff received 24 hours of SEKLS continuing education.


We received a general operation grant, or allocation, from SEKLS in 2017 our allocation of $7,861.

Rotating Books

About ever six weeks, we get a new batch of books rotated in. During 2016, Arma users checked out 328 rotating books.

Summer Reading

Materials for the summer reading programs are distributed by SEKLS. SEKLS helped pay expenses for a summer performer to come to the library in each year from 2013 to 2017.

APPLE Training

Applied Public Library Education (APPLE,) a joint project of SEKLS and five other regional library systems, provides basic library education. Library directed Brenda Banks (yay, Brenda!) received her APPLE certification in 2014.

Courier Service

Fast and efficient sharing of library materials is made possible by the Kansas Library Express. Our annual cost of $150 was offset by an $800 grant from SEKLS.

Other Grants

SEKLS offers additional grants annually. In recent years, we acquired a new patron use computer, 52 new books to our Westerns collection, and our color copier.


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