Unattended Children

Unattended Children


For the purpose of this policy, an unattended child shall be a child who has been left alone without parental or other supervision. A child will not be considered unattended if she is attending a library program applicable to her age group at which the presence of her parent or legal guardian is not required.

Parental Responsibilities

Any unattended child must be picked up or leave the library at the conclusion of a library program and / or upon library closing.

A parent or child’s caregiver may not leave a child 7 years of age or younger in any area of the library. A parent or caregiver accompanying a child is responsible for the child’s behavior while in the library.

Staff Responsibilities

A staff member will contact the child’s parent in person or by telephone to explain the library’s policy.

The staff of the Arma City Library is not responsible for keeping an unattended child at the library against that child’s will.

The staff will not transport or accompany a child home from the library.